Easter Island 3D

Easter Island 3D

In the luscious greenery of the little island, several splendid...

In the luscious greenery of the little island, several splendid Easter eggs of the most magnificent colors are waiting for the Easter Bunny to come and collect them.

Then he'll hide them all over the world for boys and girls to hunt for on Easter morning! However, the Easter Bunny just doesn't feel like working so hard this year.

On such a beautiful day, he'd much rather busy himself with his newest hobby - aviation! Cheering himself on, he breaks through the clouds with fearless flight maneuvers then takes a nose-dive towards the deep blue water.

Over the flowered meadow, several butterflies are following the Easter Bunny's lead and flying around Easter Island accompanied by the happy twittering of the birds.

This island is absolutely fascinating. You can even see the legendary stone heads that Easter Island is famous for - and these, of course, are in the shape of rabbits!

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